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What is VC - Roto engine ?

The World’s 1st ever Fuel agnostic I.C. Engine

Conventional engines chug towards peak efficiency, struggling with fuel flexibility and emissions. VCR: a tech prodigy promising 30% fuel savings, multi-fuel mastery, and cleaner skies. Yet, it remains unrealized, strangled by clunky designs. But hope ignites with VC Roto Engine – a compact, super-efficient and green solution poised to finally deliver on VCR’s potential. 

Brace yourself for the revolution – sustainable power is closer than you think.


The Concept Technology

RVCR is based on a novel concept invention in ‘Mechanisms of Energy-Conversion’. RVCR mechanism based I.C.Engine (I.C.E) allows the long pursued ‘Variable Compression Ratio’ (VCR) feature, key to multi-fuel adaptability (switching from fossil to green-fuels during operation) with ease. This permits for smooth transition from fossil fuel use to green-fuels. 

The Comparison

with Competing VCR Engine technologies


Quantum Leap in Design
Quantum Leap in combustion control


VC Roto engine tech?

The VC Roto engine isn’t just a technological marvel, it’s a strategic investment opportunity with a disruptive edge.

  • Leapfrog the Competition: Leave old-tech rivals in the dust with a revolutionary engine platform.
  • Market Dominance: Secure commercial exclusivity and claim the throne of the VCR green fuel engine space.
  • Future-proof Innovation:Invest in a technology poised for continuous optimization and cost reduction.
  • Fuel cost equalizer: Run on gasoline, diesel, or even biofuels – the engine adapts, not your budget.
  • Green fuel promoter: Champion sustainability with engines that embrace cleaner alternatives.

R & D

Redefining the landscape of engine technology for cleaner, more efficient, and adaptable engines.

Preliminary Design, Modeling, Engineering Analysis, Fluid Dynamics Optimization, Design Validation and Standardization, Quality Control, Manufacturing and Testing, Trials and Final Validation

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Conquer $ 600 Billion Global Market

Land Transport Segments, Light Passenger/Commercial, EV & PHEV Segment, Heavy Passenger/Commercial, Material Handling Equipment, Agro Machinery, Specialized Drive Segment, Power Generator Segment, Marine Propulsion + Auxiliaries, Aviation and Drones

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