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Why VC-Roto Engine ?

Greener Future with Efficiency and Adaptability

Imagine a World Transformed:

  • EV/PHEV batteries hum to life, charged by clean, efficient RVCR generators fueled by the sun’s bounty.
  • Mid and heavy land vehicles dance across continents, their hearts powered by compact, adaptable RVCR hybrid engines, choosing their fuel according to the journey.
  • Maritime giants traverse the oceans, casting off their shackles of single fuel dependence, empowered by the fuel diversity RVCR unlocks.
  • Land and marine power plants roar with the might of green fuels, breathing life into renewable dreams.
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Market needs
VC-Roto Engine

to unlock exciting possibilities for:

  • Green Power Charging: Power EV/PHEV batteries with efficient, green fuel generators.
  • Hybrid Drive Systems: Enable compact, green hybrid engines for mid and heavy land vehicles.
  • Multi-Fuel Maritime: Eliminate reliance on single fuels in marine transport.
  • Land and Marine Power Generation: Bring green fuel options to large stationary engines.

It's all about its value.

For Users:

  • Real time switching to green fuels & Efficiency hike up to 30%.
  • Makes green power generators & maritime propulsion system.
  • End user to choose fuel depending on availability, cost and need.

For OEMs:

  • Allows Leapfrogging existing technology leaders.
  • Commercial exclusivity for market dominance.
  • 1st movers into VCR green fuel engine space.

Beyond Value:

The Implications

  • Fuel Cost Equalizer: VC-Roto Engine’s real-time fuel switching capability empowers users to choose the most advantageous fuel based on its availability and cost. 
  • Green Fuel Promoter: RVCR isn’t just about saving money; it’s about propelling the green fuel revolution. By making green fuels a viable and efficient option, RVCR engines pave the way for a cleaner future. Reduced emissions, lower reliance on fossil fuels, and a transition to sustainable energy sources.

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