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RVCR mechanism is a superior alternative

to the century old ‘Slider Crank mechanism’ that combines the efficiency gains of ‘Positive Displacement mechanism’ and the Compactness of ‘Rotary Mechanism’ and deliver the long pursued and illusive feature called ‘Variable Compression Ratio’ (VCR) in Engines.


The RVCR mechanism is an entirely new dimension in Kinematics and the sequential motion of the various components (Links) requisite to fructify the mandatory Gas Processes in I.C. Engines is achieved in a smarter, compacter way. The conventional reciprocating motion of cylindrical piston is a source of major limitations and RVCR eliminates it. The piston and the liner are bent wherein the piston when sliding in the liner is a rotary motion which is directly transferred to a central shaft.

It yields a whole new method to control the quality of fuel combustion and the way energy is converted to torque and outputs several unprecedented capabilities in engines which is summarized below.

Radical New Capabilities

  • RVCR allows analogous ‘Compression Ratio’ (CR) variation to suit the fuel opted to drive the engine.
  • Reduce consumption by real time VCR to deliver peak efficiency over entire Load Range.
  • Increased Specific Power through Multiple Double-acting Pistons in One single continuous enclosed Liner & 100 % Mechanical Leverage.

Unique Capabilities

  • Enhanced thermodynamic Efficiency from Constant Volume Heat addition and removal.
  • Slow Speed High Expansion rate with Low heat dissipation surface area
  • High Specific Power through Multiple Double-acting Pistons in a single continuous Liner.

It costs less for making an RVCR engine of equivalent power rating to that made using conventional crank mechanism, for the reduction in the total amount of Material and the number of Manufacturing processes required.

The downsizing improves on the Power to weight drastically and the degree of compactness increases with Power Rating. RVCR Design provides the flexibility to manipulate the volume in 3 dimensions to suit to volume and space requirements.

RVCR Technology marks a quantum leap in combustion efficiency using Roto dynamic analogous variation of combustion chamber volume/pressure hence,

introducing the first ever complete 3 element controls

 in combustion mechanism namely :

  • Quantitative & qualitative fuel control
  • Heat & temperature control
  • Air /charge pressure/density control

Unique Atrributes

  • 1st ever Viable use of ‘VCR’ Feature and achieving ‘CVHA’; and Improved thermodynamic process.
  • Single & Single Stroke Engines (2, 4 stroke equivalents).
  • Multiple Units in One Continuous Liner enclosure.
  • Downsizing of Engines by improved compactness from above mentioned factors.
  • Reduced weight to power ratio from above mentioned factors.
  • Elimination of side Thrust and 2nd order Vibrations by Rigidly held pistons (Doesn’t float on gudgeon).
  • Eliminates use of dedicated heavy fly wheels due to elimination of ‘Reversal of Inertial forces’ and Turning Moment.

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