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KGYAT deals with the projects for pilot RVCR system projects for segments of  transport, energy, and industrial sectors, under individual verticals.

This Involves expertise in numerous high end engineering fields, tool expertise and management techniques. When it’s about designing primemovers and machines it’s highly cost and time intensive and requiring high tech facilities. It outputs the core DNA of products and is the foundation of generations of products to follow and hence known as high value design.

This provides the flexibility to set-up and operationalise newer SPV’s in suitable form and run multiple parallel projects. It is also possible to expand in products requiring scaling up and down of a successful design.

We hope to grow more KGYAT subdomains for our planned projects. The layout of the project plan along with the techno-commercials is made according to below  template providing information for assessment and adoption by interested parties.



Pilot Product Engineering

Designing and developing a new product for commercialization is an arduous engineering journey.

We gained expertise in all aspects and fields of the high-end forte of engineering machine design from our RVCR deep-tech Project. This is topped up with our experience in global patenting process and securing IP rights along with technology licensing.

At KGYAT we have competency in integrating newly developed products into the industry mainstream for creating newer markets.

We cover all aspects of new technology commercialization with our services in : –

  • Developing Business case for RVCR system BASED products for client’s Segment specific needs.
  • Engineering Design services for developing customised RVCR systems and suiting.
  • New Product development projects (OEM’s and Industry players)
  • IPR and technology management and its licensing .
  • Product commercialization life cycle and innovation management.