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KGYAT is a platform

under the GYATK umbrella

for realising the complete potential of the RVCR Technology.

We are a dedicated platform, aimed at fully harnessing the value and benefits of RVCR Technology. The engineering aspect of the RVCR deep tech innovation is implemented by Kgyat .


* To provide new game-changing technologies based on RVCR concept for ‘primemovers and specialized fluid handling system’ applications.
* To be the 1st choice for engineering innovation services, for the Transport and energy sector OEMs and industry in general.
* To be the leaders in defining newer standards in energy efficiency, performance, and functionalities, in primemovers and motors for transport and energy sectors.


We strive to inculcate best standards in engineering design and continually enhance technology development capabilities for; delivering newer systems based on RVCR concept; providing improvised solutions and undertake deep tech innovations needs of industry.


conduct R&D

for design and development of RVCR technology-based systems. These systems have numerous downstream applications like primemovers in the transport and energy sector. The RVCR pump and motor technologies have wide range applications in Industrial fluid handling machines.  



is to successfully undertake projects to develop customized ‘RVCR machine’ systems These machine systems replace the existing system in commercial products and enhances it in terms of products performance, efficiency, and newer capabilities.   

We expertise in suiting and its forward integration of RVCR systems into products.  

We also generate Intellectual Property rights (IPR). We package the IPR and technology know how of RVCR system-based for licensing based commercialization of newer products 

Each of the RVCR technology systems-based product is dealt  in a new business with SPV’s (Special purpose vehicles). Every ‘sub-application’ project is segregated into separate subdomains under KGYAT. We currently are operating two KGYAT subdomains and plan to start new ones. Our future projects under subdomains of KGYAT will be made public in due course.



The driving force behind the vision is to achieve optimal ‘Sustainable progressive balance’ by pushing the boundaries of techno-commercial limitations verses Possibilities for realizing new generation products. RVCR Technology Project is one such Endeavour where we acquired unique competency in Deep tech  projects. We innovated newer methods and techniques to develop systems. RVCR being an expensive highly complex early-stage technologies based on entirely novel concept could not find external investors initially.

We invested in the latest tools in Computer modelling, Virtual Analysis, Communication,

electronics, QC, Metrology, Manufacture, Assembly, IP managing, Legal, Business operations, marketing, and finance etc. to develop the Knowhow and know why of RVCR technology. 

Our products are anchor-points for catapulting industry and society to newer realms of productivity, performance, and efficiency. The strength of the anchor depends on the need determined by clear perspective of both the macro level evolution of market drivers and the micro level challenges in implementation and sustainability. We gained the competency on this field from :

Exposure and competence in scientific and engineering realm to comprehend and conjecture on commercial feasibility of Radical-High-Potential ideas at an early stage.

  • Insight in market dynamics; cost drivers and analytical abilities for assessment of possible commercial acceptance of such products in future market space. 
  • The product capability and strategic packaging of its new features for segment specific needs. 
  • Project Execution Capability for ‘Planning milestone-based Technology development’, ‘Product Realization’, ‘Validation’ and ‘Commercialization’. 
  • Innovation operations management and control. 

RVCR Technology endeavor is to enable next generation prime movers for green energy eco-system.