Seeding newer (Zero Carbon) technologies

KGYAT – the project engineering arm of GYATK.


Shaping newer green machine genealogies.

Pioneers of Break-Through RVCR Technology

We have conceptualized, developed, and patented the ‘RVCR technology’. It is based on a breakthrough Concept in ‘Mechanism in Energy Conversion’. It is an entirely new approach leading to a new breed of Prime-Movers with quantum leap in Efficiency and Performance. RVCR enables new adaptive capabilities, providing a concrete, comprehensive, viable solution to deal with 21st Century environmental market drivers.

At GYATK, our endeavor is to realize the techno commercial potential of our globally patented RVCR technology (an entirely new methodology in energy conversion). We are on course to crack open the century old ceiling limits in energy efficiency.

Adding a new dimension to climate change mitigation

Industry’s continued dependence on incremental innovations in conventional technologies is unable to address 21st century needs. Now when markets are at the crossroads of further Industrial development and being environmentally responsible, GYATK is playing an enabling role to in providing the global industry with an optimal sustainable progressive solution with its RVCR deep Tech innovation.

(Beginning with steam engines through the industrial age we witnessed a leap in energy conversion systems. However, these system became the root cause of the climate debacle. Almost all innovations in this area are to adapt these technologies to serve stricter climate regulations. This cannot suffice for todays and forthcoming environmental market drivers).

RVCR - The Unified Technology Solution for a Greener Planet

We are involved in developing newer environ-responsible technological paradigms based on RVCR concept. Our solutions cover numerous Industrial applications ranging from primemovers for transport and energy sector to utilities of Industrial applications. Our R&D operations generates technological knowhow to customize RVCR principle for application specific needs. We own the IPR of these newer RVCR based technologies. We package IPR and technology integration expertise gained from our inhouse R&D to offer OEM’s with Joint RVCR product commercialization propositions.

We provide

  • Delivering customized Pilot RVCR product
  • Undertake joint/independent proto-Design & Development projects.
  • Foreground IP generation and Licensing
  • Innovation and new technology assessment, adoption and its integration services.
  • Product training and Life cycle management.
  • Commercialization and Business development